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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

Wyong Shire Council

This summer why not get down to the Beach and snap some photos of the King Tides!

Help your Central Coast community by documenting King Tides along our coastline and raise awareness about coastal risks and rising sea levels.

Get out and about and experience our beautiful coastal areas. Wyong has 35kms of coastline gifted with beautiful beaches, headlands cliffs and rocky bluffs hosting a diverse and valuable natural landscape. Our coastline and its coastal communities are under ever increasing pressure from natural processes such as erosion and inundation as well as coastal development, tourism, population growth and climate change.

King Tides occur when the tidal range is at its greatest and provide a snapshot of what future sea levels may look like. Tides in excess of 2m (0.8m AHD) are forecast to be observed, the events are forecast for the 14th of December at 9:34am (2.08m @ Newcastle tide gauge), and the 12th of January at 9:27am (2.06m @ Newcastle tide gauge).

It is important to ensure that we as a community manage risks associated with coastal processes, including erosion, coastline recession and coastal inundation and flooding. It is important to raise awareness about these issues to ensure coastal development is safe and sustainable moving into the future.

We encourage you to get out on both these mornings and contribute to this great program. Snap some images and upload them to this website to assist in developing an understanding of what future sea levels might look like in the Wyong Shire. Hotspots to look at include; Cabbage Tree Harbour, Lakes/Budgewoi Beach, Hargraves Beach, The Entrance Channel, Curtis Parade, Nth Entrance, Blue Bay, Blue Lagoon (South Shelley Beach).

Take care while taking photographs of King Tides and be sure not to place yourself or any others at risk, but most of all have fun!


Wyong 1


Wyong 2