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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

Woollahra Municipal Council

Message from Woollahra Council Mayor

Woollahra has 16 kilometres of foreshore within its local government boundary and residents deeply value these areas as an important part of the municipality's identity.   The foreshore extends from Rushcutters Bay, north east to Watsons Bay and includes the coastal cliffs in the South Head region.  It is made up of rocky headlands, ocean rock platforms, coastal cliffs, beaches and embayments.

The foreshore area is used by both residents and visitors for passive and active recreation all year round.  As custodians of a coastal zone, Woollahra Council has a responsibility to plan for the future environmental protection of the foreshore and manage public assets and infrastructure.  Sea Level rise may pose a threat, not only to infrastructure, but also to the marine and coastal ecology.

With your participation in theWitness King Tides Project we will be able to gain a picture of what our future could look like as a result of rising sea levels.  The project will also provide an opportunity for the community to gain a greater understand of coastal processes and their impacts on infrastructure and the environment.

Parsley Bay Sep 2005

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