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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

The City of Newcastle

Why not check out the king tide and snap a photo at the same time. By taking a photo and uploading to this website you will be contributing to a local and national discussion on how we as Novocastrians and Australians can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, develop cleaner energy alternatives and develop ways of adapting to warmer average air temperatures and higher sea-levels. You will also be helping to create a repository of photos of our coast that will be a valuable resource in managing our public space and infrastructure. Get involved!

Witness King Tides is a great way of illustrating the impact of rising sea-level on Newcastle's coastline, river foreshore and low-lying areas. While king tides are simply the highest of all tides in a year and are caused by the gravitational attraction exerted by the moon and the sun on  earth and not directly related to sea-level rise, high tides will become more frequent as sea-levels rise. Average global sea-level increased by 210mm between 1880 and 2011, and is continuing to rise at a rate of just over 3mm per year.

Witness King Tides is proudly supported by the City of Newcastle

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