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North Sydney Council

The North Sydney Council area incorporates 18.6 km of harbour foreshore. Approximately 16.2 km of foreshore adjoins Sydney Harbour from Gore Cove in the west to Mosman Bay in the east. A further 2.4 km of foreshore occurs in Middle Harbour, fronting Long Bay and Willoughby Bay.

A large number of Council's parks and reserves are located on the harbour foreshore, providing many varied views of Sydney Harbour and its land marks including the Harbour Bridge. Foreshore parks and reserves support a variety of activities such as Bushcare, picnicking, landscape painting, dog walking, relaxing, socialising, jogging, fishing, dinghy storage, small boat launching and formal sporting activities.

A number of North Sydney Council's foreshore parks and reserves, particularly Berry Island, contain significant aboriginal sites and artefacts including shell middens, rock shelters and engravings that are sensitive to human impacts. There are several significant European heritage structures along the foreshore, including seawalls and boat slips in Quibaree Reserve, the remains of Eaton's Sawmill in Sawmillers Reserve and the formal plantings in Milson Park. A small endangered Saltmarsh Community in Gore Cove is very sensitive to sea level rise and is limited in it's ability to migrate further up the foreshore by a sea wall. There are also many built assets along the foreshore of North Sydney, including ferry wharfs, sea walls, marinas, jetties, board walks and a pedestrian bridge at Oyster Cove.

The built and natural assets along North Sydney Council's foreshores are vulnerable to potential sea level rise. The next King Tide is an ideal opportunity to record base line information and to witness potential impacts to our assets that may occur with climate change induced sea level rise. North Sydney Council encourages residents to participate in this community awareness project by submitting photographs of the foreshore during the next King Tide on Friday the 14 December 2012.

Berry Island

Saltmarsh Community At Gore Cove