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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

Byron Shire Council

Message from Mayor Simon Richardson

Byron Shire is one of Australia's most loved areas and a great deal of the attraction is our magnificent coastline. Careful consideration of how we adapt and manage our coastline as a result of rising sea levels will have impacts on coastal amenity, the environment and public assets for future generations of residents and visitors.

The beautiful Byron Shire coastline has a well known history of large coastal storms and has been identified as a coastal erosion 'hot spot'. Thankfully, the lessons taught by Mother Nature over the past century have been heard by the local community and as a result, Byron Shire has maintained a low built profile and from the 1970s has considered the type of development and where it should occur.

As a community we need to be at the planning forefront on how we can adapt the built environment as sea level continues to rise. In the digital age, the Witness King Tides program will capture the impacts of king tides and help educate communities on rising sea levels through the sharing of images.

We ask that all photographers take care when out capturing the events and not place themselves or others at risk. We look forward to seeing the images uploaded to Witness King tides.

Enjoy Byron Shire

Safety message

Participants should use sound judgement when taking photos and avoid taking risks, for example:

  • partner up with another photographer and be contactable (i.e. take a mobile phone)
  • wear appropriate clothing such as footwear with a good grip, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • be aware of high tide times (refer BOM website) and keep your eye on increasing water levels and velocities
  • avoid going too close to rough surf and be mindful of freak waves
  • avoid unstable dunes/river banks
  • do not enter storm or floodwaters - there may be unstable currents where the kind tide has caused flooding in creeks and estuaries

16 Ferry Reserve 10_21am [1]

20 Brunswick Hwy Bridge 10_25am [1]

Wategos Beach (7)

Clarkes Beach (2)[1]

Wategos Beach (5)[2]