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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

How your photos could be used

The photographs you share will be used to create a mosaic and feature on a map. A New South Wales report containing a selection of the submissions will be available after the event.

Photos may also be used in presentations, exhibitions, websites and publications on sea level rise impacts, coastal initiatives and climate action.  Top photos could be part of public photo exhibitions! 

When you upload your photo, you will agree to a NonCommercial-ShareAlike creative commons license. Your photos will include an acknowledgement that looks like this: 

This photo was taken by Miranda Mason on January 21, 2012 in Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Your photos may also be used by government agencies for research and planning purposes. The photos will be one source of information for the government to assess where Australia's coastline is most vulnerable. What could follow are plans to protect communities and influence future development.